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Pharmcare: Digitizing Pharmaceutical Care

Explore Pharmcare, the app for Pharmacists, delivering personalized pharmaceutical care using advanced digital tools. Join us to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

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Provide Quality Pharmaceutical Services

Personalized Pharmaceutical Care

Tailored care plans designed by Pharmacists to meet the unique health needs of each patient, promoting holistic well-being and optimised health management.

Patient Engagement

Direct interaction with patients through secure messaging, virtual consultations, and real-time communication, fostering meaningful connections and continuous support.

Medication Adherence

Effortlessly track and monitor patient medication adherence, send timely reminders, and provide expert guidance to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

Health Assessments

Conduct comprehensive health assessments, review medical history, and offer evidence-based recommendations for medication adjustments and health improvements.

Symptom Management

Monitor symptoms, track progress, and provide prompt interventions to alleviate discomfort, enhancing patient comfort and quality of life.

Treatment Planning & Medication Reviews

Collaborate with patients for personalized treatment plans, adjust therapies based on responses, and conduct thorough medication reviews for safer and effective outcomes


A Brief User Journey

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Download the Pharmcare App

Download from the Play Store or App Store to bring pharmaceutical services directly to patients.


Create an Account

Enter your name and secure password to gain access to patient records, enabling you to make informed decisions about their health with utmost security.


Request Verification

To ensure you're a licensed Pharmacist, you would provide your License Number and other forms of identification. Your request will be reviewed, and you'll receive feedback within 2 working days


Complete Profile

Provide essential details for patients to make informed decisions when choosing you as their Pharmacist. Share your specialty, years of experience, and monthly service cost


Pay Subscription Fee

This payment covers the cost of the Verification Process, which will be conducted on an annual basis, effectively making it an annual subscription


Receive Requests from Patients

Patients can now reach out to you to be their Pharmacist. Accept or decline requests and begin offering tailored pharmaceutical services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmcare is an innovative Pharmaceutical care app designed for verified Pharmacists to manage medications, provide Patient monitoring, and deliver comprehensive Pharmaceutical services.
Pharmcare is exclusively available for verified Pharmacists who have completed the registration and authentication process. It is tailored to support Pharmacists in their day-to-day practice.
To register on Pharmcare, you need to go through the authentication process, which involves verifying your credentials as a licensed Pharmacist. Follow the on-screen instructions during the registration process.
Yes, we prioritise the security and privacy of your data. Pharmcare employs advanced encryption and security measures to protect your personal information and Patient data.
Yes, Pharmcare is accessible from multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, ensuring you have seamless access to the app's features.