Take Charge of Your Health with MyHealth

Manage your medical records, track key health vitals, and connect with top healthcare providers — all from the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to long hospital queues and hello to personalized, efficient care.

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Transform Healthcare with MyDoctor

Seamlessly connect with patients, access records, diagnose, manage symptoms, and engage in virtual consultations—all in one convenient platform. Elevate your practice and improve patient outcomes.

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Pharmaceutical Care with Pharmcare

Connect with patients, conduct medication reviews, and offer personalized treatment—all from the comfort of your home. With virtual calls and chats, you can provide expert advice, monitor treatments, and ensure optimal care with ease.

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Empower your Health Journey

Find the best health equipment and gadgets to track your health from home. Explore our range of fitness trackers, blood pressure monitors, and more to take charge of your well-being


Revolutionizing Your Healthcare Experience

Experience a new era of efficiency and patient-centric care with our comprehensive eHealth suite. Here's why you should choose us:

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Embrace streamlined efficiency, bidding farewell to stress, while focusing on delivering exceptional healthcare services with our solutions
Unleash the power of comprehensive patient data, effortlessly stored and organized in our app, granting you quick access to crucial information for informed decision-making
Achieve patients' medical goals with our advanced dispensing tools, empowering accurate medication management through integration checks and labels
Enhance patient care with our transformative tools, driving exceptional healthcare outcomes through pro bono or subscription-based services
Our solutions help minimize hospital admissions through proactive healthcare management, leading to improved patient outcomes and cost savings
Build strong client relationships through comprehensive healthcare services, earning trust and securing long-term business with a seamless and convenient experience


Innovating Healthcare Applications

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A Personal Medical Record App that puts the patient’s medical data into their own care

Secured access to medical records

Monitor health parameters

Medical Adherance tools

Chat with Healthcare Professionals

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An App for Pharmacists who seek to provide quality, detailed and timely pharmaceutical care services to patients at a fee.

Provide Pharmaceutical Care services

Monitor & track Patient's health goals

Get paid to provide pharmaceutical services

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An app for Medical Officers to easily and conveniently provide medical services to patients

Provide consulation to Patients

Provide medical services at a fee

Chat with Patients


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Frequently Asked Questions

MyHealth is a comprehensive healthcare management app designed to empower Patients by allowing them to keep track of their medical records, manage medications, monitor vital signs, and access healthcare services from licensed Professionals.
To sign up for MyHealth, simply download the app and follow the registration process. You will need to provide some basic information and create a secure login.
Pharmcare is an innovative Pharmaceutical care app designed for verified Pharmacists to manage medications, provide Patient monitoring, and deliver comprehensive Pharmaceutical services.
Pharmcare is exclusively available for verified Pharmacists who have completed the registration and authentication process. It is tailored to support Pharmacists in their day-to-day practice.
MyDoctor is an exclusive app designed for Medical Doctors and other Prescribers to provide virtual consultations, medical services, and prescriptions to Patients through the MyHealth app.
MyDoctor is specifically for licensed Medical Doctors and authorised Prescribers who wish to offer their services to Patients subscribing through the MyHealth app.
Yes, we take the security and privacy of your data seriously. MyHealth employs advanced encryption and security measures to protect your personal information and medical records.